In some paintings, he completely walks away from reality, losing its figurative constancy, and in others, in spite of the abstract style, he respects it, or at least, he doesn´t separate so much from it. Nature becomes one of his works´ central themes, and above all, marine backgrounds, from which he adapts the shapes of their habitat, to translate them to other imaginary places. These canvases bring us closer to states of humor and allow us to contemplate shocks of absolutely opposite, but also, complementary rhythms, nonetheless taken to a new harmony.


In these paintings´ abstract, we find ourselves face to face with surrealistic strokes that send us to the complicated and unknown world of dreams, that of subconscious phenomena, buried by this artist´s consciousness. We find ourselves in the presence of an artist who has submitted reality, through his painting, to all kinds of experiments, as he reduced it to color, geometrized in his cubist paintings, distorted in his earlier stage, dreamt with surrealism that remains latent, in his abstract paintings. Given his great creativity, the evolution reflected by his work, can only be achieved thanks to a great work capacity.


I saw how he transformed himself all along his trajectory, and his last work is a contribution to abstract impressionism, as his innovations are so sharp in the fields of color, that they contribute to improvisation work and chromatic masses, like in gestural strokes. Indeed, it is a work of great pictorial intensity, in which the contraposition of gesture and color is achieved to develop, in that way, a dialog that flows between process and contemplation.


Without the shadow of a doubt, in spite of his young age, as an artist, with a long trajectory and excellent curriculum, Simeón Gonzáles presents himself to us as a categorical artist without ambiguosities, but with endless references and definitely, an artist who confirms his mastership in every canvas, awakening emotional states in each stroke.


About Simeón, little can be added which has not yet been written. Perhaps, there might always be something to say about his creativity, that quality which cannot be learned, as we know that everything can be learned, like technique and style. However, the necessary creativity, in any time period, is unique, mysterious and personal.