Simeón Gonzáles Ayquipa is one of the international contemporaneous painters with greatest future projection and worldwide renown. In spite of his young age, his paintings have been valued by specialized critique, as master works. His work has been granted outstanding prizes in Peru, his country of origin, and his paintings have been exhibited in Latin America, Europe, Asia and the United States of America.


This exceptional painter´s artistic origins are totally innate, as Simeón Gonzáles is a potential artist who has been developing his art since a very early age. Born in Cusco in 1973, he participated in a painting contest at the age of nine, in which he won the First Prize, opening the unending path to a life fully dedicated to painting, since this first prize consisted in a scholarship to study and practise painting.


His precocity is really astounding. At the age of ten, he already is an active associate and founder of the Plastic Artists´ Contemporaneous Art Association of Peru.