Very young and already recognized on an international level, the artist Simeón Gonzáles, born in Cusco, in 1973, presents his last paintings in Málaga (2000, 2001), a work of art which although it is situated within the abstract, sinks its roots in his homeland. As a case of astounding precocity, he already has 20 years of trajectory, since, at the age of 9, he received a first prize equivalent to a study scholarship which allowed him to enter the world of art. With 10 years of age, he became associate founder of the Plastic Artists´ Contemporaneous Art Association of Peru.


His last paintings, with predominant red colors, represent immaterial shapes, evocations of love, landscapes, his Peruvian homeland, in abstract code and well ordered cross-shaped or horizontal compositions that break away from a possible and apparent automatism, to acquire semi-geometrical shapes in a determined situation. But, above all, it is in his resorting to plastic qualities as such, to the combination of colors within the same range and wealth of shapes on a flat surface, that one finds the particularity of this Peruvian artist´s painting.


His great artistic skill and imagination in planning watercolor compositions, as well as those with dyes, anilins, acrylic paints, synthetic materials and oil, open Europe´s doors to him. His painting never lets go of his homeland´s warmth, with its colors, air and women, and it almost never omits his palette of red colors. There also are themes borrowed from the indigenous culture, elements that combine with undetermined geometries, raking the pictorial surface, valuing, in some stages, roughnesses and densities, transparencies and plastic qualities.


Without losing its origins, in a certain way, his language has become universal, as Simeón´s painting is vitalist, in constant motion, and creative euphoria is unstoppable in this very solicited young artist who still has much to tell.





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