Simeón Gonzales Ayquipa is a signature that projects itself in the painting panorama, with blue wings of universality.
 From Peru, his homeland, to the South of Europe, loaded with merits, honorific mentions, medals and diplomas, Simeón Gonzáles achieves the almost chimerical dream of hanging his paintings and exposing them in Málaga, the Costa del Sol´s capital city, which was the cradle of the monster Picasso.
 As an early artist, he was prodigious since his most tender age, and now, as a man in his full creative plenitude, he is a consacrated artist, refrained by the most demanding and ponderate critiques. So, this child prodigy has now become a prodigious paintbrush artist. In just a few years, he has gone a long way, starting on the street, the true university of life, on streets and squares, where he painted under the onlookers´ astonishment.
 He opened his eyes to the light and color of life in Cusco, and at nine years of age, he presented his first exposition.
 Orphan since an early age, he found his consolation from his tremendous orphanship, along with relief, aspiration and love in painting, as one could say that, instead of blood, paint, color and chromatisms flow like a torrent through his arteries.
 Revealed on the street, but then, educated in the classrooms and fine arts institutes, he thought that his muse should be the impressive and magical architecture of Machu Picchu, which is of singular beauty. And this is how, in a vital alchemistry, the child prodigy turned into a prodigious artist.
 In his works, the exuberant chromatism of vigorous, secure and harmonious tonalities stands out. The almost poetic aspect of the fish that seemed to be crystal and not painted in oil; always in motion, grouped in an ocean of windows open to the firmament, as these fish are repeated in ranges of blues, whites, vermilions and yellows, all of which are achieved with a clean technique and in motion, inexorably swimming from their birthplace to their funeral. Fish with large round eyes set into the infinite.
 And thus, Simeón Gonzáles recreates fish and seas he dreamt of, as he changes from a new figuration to a suggesting and pleasant abstract in which shapes acquire soft aesthetic verticalities.
 He carries in the hand of his heart, a rich, varied and abundant palette of hues, from which, with his expressive brushes, he transports the oil to the canvas in wefts, textures and mixtures, forming volumes full of qualities.
However, we must point out that the Cusquenian artist does neither persist nor detains himself in what he has plethorically achieved. On the contrary, restless, innovative and bold, Simeón Gonzáles immediately burns all stages and gives birth to a new artistic process on the altar of his easel.
 The closest art critiques wanted to qualify his work, defining his style as abstract indigenist painting. We modestly disagree, as his painting is not originary of the country, as his work was born in the city of Cusco, but became universal. Just like Leonardo Da Vinci, Velásquez or Rubens were not only painters from Italy and Spain, Flemish or Belgian. They are humanity´s universal artists.
 Simeón Gonzáles lives his best moments of artistic inspiration, as we should not forget that good art reigns and perpetuates itself through time and space. Localisms can be circles closed to universal art. With the official authorization of Peru´s Institute of Culture, his paintings left their homeland for Europe, and now, they are being exposed to European eyes and consideration, in the same way as other canvases went to the United States of America, Canada and Malaysia, where his work and signature enjoy solid prestige.

                                                                                             Málaga, Spain.

 Journalist and Art Critique