One of Simeon’s painting which I admire most is Quatro Suyos. Like in the Shamanic legends, when sensitive persons touch their foreheads to the stone, the Intihuatana opens one's vision to the spirit world; the same feeling goes with the Quatro Suyos. This kind of work is very meditative; I would love to sit in front of it for a long time. He certainly managed to give his subjects liveliness and naturalism.
For me, the power of Simeon's work lies in his abilities to translate and blend the unique of his own culture with the mundane. As a painter he has the ability to see the objects he collects in their purest form that is the shape and color. Simeon for me is an interpreter of Inca culture, who helps people to understand it better. By looking at his artworks, I have a feeling of archaeology.
As a friend and admirer, I wish Simeon all the best and I do believe that he is on the right path to become a great artist in the future.

Hiroshima, Japan