Simeón Gonzáles is an “old” and experienced plastic artist, for whom the magic, mystery and feeling of the Peruvian Andes and its people, transcend beyond what is mythical, to convert themselves in his paintings of pure art.


“My encounter with painting took place when I was a very small child, and this is so much so, that, with the passing of time, my love and dedication for that art has grown to be a part of me”, recalls the young Cusquenian artist.


His early inclination for painting was recognized by his fellow countrymen, when, at the tender age of nine, he organized his first exposition, astonishing locals, as well as foreigners with his style, quality and personal perspective, fixed in his watercolor and oil paintings.


In parallel to that, the young artist decided to settle as a mobile artist on a corner of Cusco´s Plaza de Armas (Main Square), where he sold his paintings to foreign and Peruvian tourists, a fact which would eventually defines his works´ profile.


“I remember my time as a highschool student and the restlessness I felt for Incan history; the fascination I always felt for ceramics, textiles, constructions and everything that was ancestral. This is why my works are the product of my constant quest for discovering this mystery, hidden within the Andean cosmo-vision. I believe that my contribution, although it might be minimal, is useful to the strengthening and diffusion of our true culture”, asserts Gonzáles.


But, his paintings could not remain forever exposed on the streets. So, a few months ago, Simeón decided it was time they would be sheltered by a roof, and there was no better one than that of his own exhibition hall; a dream that came true last month, with the inauguration of the Gonzáles Gallery.


Miluska Pedroza